What I sell?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I sell polymer clay earrings.... that is the short answer to this question. But more importantly I'm selling style.

All of us have our own styles. We all have something that makes us feel better or feel like we are expressing our inner personality.

I personally like really cute things. I like things so cute that you wonder if its for a kid or an adult. Its so adorable that you want to hug it. That's what I like.

Do I always dress in this cutesy way?

No, sometimes I dress based on a budget. Based on what is on sale. How happy I am when i can find something that matches my style and that is also affordable. That is my aim with my business. Affordable cute polymer clay earrings.

I have seen polymer clay earrings for more than 50 dollars. 50 DOLLARS!!! Of course certain styles need to be at a higher price because of the hours that gets put into them. Even so not all can afford these higher price tags. I spend a lot of time on my earrings. I thoroughly enjoy it. It doesn't feel like work for me. Because of my enjoyment in this craft i can afford to charge cheaper pricing. It's like getting paid to watch t.v.

So now that you have heard my mission statement. Make sure to follow me on instagram for updates. @starlilyjewelry.



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