How am I doing?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Right now is a MAJOR learning process.

Big time... I'm learning about ads that I don't think they are worth it... for me at least. For where I am in my business. I'm learning about website design. And I just started this blog. I'm learning about social media marketing. I'm learning about things like Pinterest. No pay off from Pinterest as of yet. No one has seen any of my pins. I'm learning about what is allowed on these sites. I'm learning about branding.

Trying to figure out who my key market is. They say that is important. By selling to everyone you are selling to no one. The longer I am in this business the more I realize the truth in that. You have to know who your target is. Then everything you do has to be relatable and likable to that person.

They say you are to have a avatar of a person in mind. Their likes dislikes favorite color or food favorite country. Slowly I'm realizing that in order for me to enjoy this job I would like to target those similar to me. Who else do I know better than myself.

What things cause me to pay attention? What things cause me to relate to something? The parts of me that are unique that surprise me when I see someone similar. Those are the points that I would to attract are draw out my target market. Are you the one I'm targeting?

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